Dental Implants €300.00 Special Offer

WOW!! That’s A Great Deal!!!

amazed-dental-implantsIs it? Well probably no is the answer because a dental implant all on its own is no good to anyone without the rest of the parts required to complete a total tooth rehabilitation.

So let’s examine some different offers you will see out there on the internet. When you are looking for a dental implant your first place to look will probably be Google where you will type in things like ‘dental implants in Ireland’ or ‘cheap dental implants in Ireland’ and many more variations of this type of search.

What happens is Google will look at where you are and present results suited for you and at the top of every Google page will be ‘ADS’ which dental clinics pay to have there to catch your eye as their website is not good enough to be on the front page of Google for your search results.

Now those ads will be like this:



When you start to examine the offers they are making you will discover they slowly start to add more money to the bill to achieve what you really want which is a completely replaced tooth.

So now they add €XXX.00 for the post/abutment and then they add €XXX.00 for the crown that goes on top of the dental implant. Then they add €XXX.00 for different bits and pieces and the price is now a lot more than you expected.

With Dental Implants Ireland we have a very straight offer:

  • 1 x Dental Implant from Bio Tech Dental France
  • 1 x Post Abutment from Bio Tech Dental France
  • 1 x Porcelain Crown from our own dental laboratory

Total Price is €1249.00 which includes all your appointments from start to finish.

This is called clear pricing and no special come on’s just the truth.