Lifetime warranty

warrantyBiotech Dental Warranty Programme

Biotech Dental is a major player in dental implants, with more than one million implants sold worldwide.
We are committed to developing and manufacturing products of the highest quality, in accordance with the strictest
regulatory and scientific requirements.

Thanks to Biotech Dental’s 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing dental implants, Biotech Dental
is delighted to consistently offer you the most innovative and scientifically proven products, providing your patients
with safe and durable solutions.

Our goal is to offer you products of the highest quality, but also to strengthen the trust which unites us. In order to
achieve this, we are offering you our warranty programme.

Warranty Period

Lifetime Warranty

General warranty conditions

These general conditions cover all implant and prosthetic cases where parts manufactured by Biotech Dental*
are used.

The Biotech Dental warranty applies exclusively to commercial relations between Biotech Dental and eligible
healthcare professionals**. The warranty does not apply to any other individual or organisation, including
patients and other intermediary suppliers.

The warranty extends to all markets covered by Biotech Dental in France and abroad.

Quality-based warranty

We are committed to replacing Biotech Dental implants and prosthetic parts if they have material or
manufacturing defects and if they do not comply with the quality standards published by Biotech Dental.

Surgery-based warranty

Biotech Dental understands that implants are occasionally rejected after surgery or placing of abutments.
As a result, if the implant is rejected after the surgery or during the placing of the prosthesis and the
clinician has duly completed the “Warranty protocol” form provided by Biotech Dental and submitted all
the documents requested, we agree to replace the implant and/or the abutment with an identical implant
and/or abutment from the same range of Biotech Dental implants.

Eligibility and claims procedure

In order to benefit from the warranties, the healthcare professional must respect the following conditions:

  • Make contact with their Biotech Dental sales consultant, in order to receive the instructions, and respect
    the claims procedure
  • Inform Biotech Dental of the claim by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within 60 days
    after the date on which the fault which is the subject of the claim was discovered
  • Return all the components used during the implant as well as all components with a suspected failure
    to Biotech Dental (all products must be decontaminated before being returned to Biotech Dental) within
    the deadlines mentioned
  • Make the information explaining the cause of the rejection of the implant which is the subject of the claim
    available to Biotech Dental

Biotech Dental shall cover the costs for returning the products, in the cases covered by the warranty.

Warranty exclusion

No warranty shall be provided by Biotech Dental in events which are not the responsibility of Biotech
Dental (non-exhaustive list):

  • Rejection associated with a trauma, accident or any other damage caused by the patient or a third party
  • Rejection is due to the fact that the implant was placed on a patient with contra-indications to the
    success of the integration of the implant, including, but not limited to, a disease related to alcoholism,
    untreated diabetes, drug addiction or a failure due to normal wear and tear.
  • Touch-ups to the prosthetic component which would undermine the mechanical resistance of the
  • Use of components which are not included in the Biotech Dental systems

Warranty limitations

With the exception of the warranty specified in these general conditions, Biotech Dental shall not grant
any warranty or other promise, whether express or implicit, regarding its products.

Furthermore, and within the limits of applicable laws, Biotech Dental rejects all liability concerning lost
earnings, income or profit, failure by the healthcare professional to comply with generally accepted dental
practice standards or any other direct, indirect or accidental damage which does not involve Biotech
Dental products.

Furthermore, the general warranty conditions indicated above apply in addition to the general sales
conditions of Biotech Dental.

Amendment or cancellation of the warranty

Biotech Dental reserves the right to amend or cancel these general conditions at any time and without

This amendment or cancellation shall apply to Biotech Dental products which were already placed on the
patient before the date this amendment or cancellation came into force.