Timeline for a Dental Implant

What is the actual process of getting dental implants done?

The first step is your Free Dental Implant Consultation where you are assessed on what is required for your dental needs. After a CT Scan one of our clinicians will create a Dental Implant Treatment Plan specifically for you. When you decide that this is the right option for you then you would enter into the Dental Implant Procedure Process (DIPP)


Day 1 – Place the Dental Implant

This is the first stage on the journey. When the dental implant is placed the gum will be opened so the clinician will close up with several stitches.

Day 10 – Remove the stitches and check on healing

The clinician will remove the stitches and check on the site of the dental implant to ensure the healing process is progressing satisfactorily.

Day 90 – Three Month Check up

At this appointment the clinician will take an x-ray to see that the bone and dental implant are integrating in the correct manner.

Day 150 – Place Healing Caps

The clinician will place healing caps over the dental implants making pace in the gum for the abutment to be placed to support the crown.

Day 165 – Take impressions for dental implant crown

The clinician will place the abutment in the dental implant, take impressions for the crown, remove the abutment and send the impressions to the dental laboratory.

Day 180 – Place dental implant crown

The abutment and crown will be placed into the dental implant and the procedure is complete.