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Mrs S Hime

I saw an advert on Facebook for dental implants. After contacting them I was impressed on the thoroughness of the questions they asked about why I wanted/needed dental implants. Once everything had been clearly laid out for me in writing, prices, schedule et al I then booked my flights and hotel with their help for the hotel and I am pleased to say I had 3 dental implants done for less than 40% of what it would cost me at home. Thanks everyone for your great service.

Mr M Bennett

I needed 2 dental implants to replace two teeth broken while playing Gealic Football. Having seen the price of dental implants in Ireland I figured it was beyond my finances to get them fixed how I want to. I saw an advert online for Dental Implants, I thought the price was too good to be true, it wasn't and what a revelation Happydental was for me and showed me I could afford dental implants. I now have my teeth back in my head and still playing football.

Mr D Naylor

I saved €3000.00 by visiting HappyDental. I was picked up at the airport, delivered to the hotel, taxi’s were arranged every day for me to go to the clinic and my dental implants are perfect. Thanks Dr O'Connor and your great team

Mrs O Wilson

Just to say thank you for my new dentures. It was worth visiting with you for the 5 days as the results have been incredible. When I had dentures before I had one visit to the dentist and the next time I was given dentures. Having 5 separate fittings for my dentures has produced for me the most comfortable dentures I have ever had. Thanks

Miss R Koutsoftas

I wanted a better smile as my teeth were not in the best of shape. Looking at the prices in Cyprus I knew it would be a long time before I could afford to have what I needed done. Once I discovered HappyDental I found I could afford my dental work and still be treated by highly qualified dentists. Now I smile all day long.

Mrs F Dunn

Was quoted €2400.00 for one dental implant and crown at my dentist in Dublin. Could have bought a car for that!!! Did a little research on the internet and spoke with some friends who suggested I look at Dr Luana O'Connor of HappyDental. Well, for what I would have paid for 1 dental implant in Dublin I was able to save 60% off this price with Dr O'Connor. I had 3 dental implants placed, several crowns and porcelain inlays done. Everyone I know is envious of my new teeth and happy smile.

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