Savings on dental implants cost

 One of the first questions that you will ask is how can Dental Implants Ireland offer a complete rehabilitation of a tooth for as little as €1249?

This is the right question to ask and lots of dentists in Ireland will be asking the same question. They will claim it is only by using inferior products.

Dr O’Connor is our dental implant dentist and she is fervently against dental tourism so let’s make that very clear from the very beginning. She regularly turns down patients who request to come to her clinic in Romania for dental implant work unless the patient can stay for at least 10 days, provide CT Scan x-rays for prior dental implant suitability confirmation and understand clearly that they the patient will have to come to the clinic twice over a 6 month period.

Dr. O’Connor has invested heavily in dental implant post graduate training which has resulted in her achieving her MSc in Implantology and having her cases published internationally.

Point 1 – Dental Implant Price

Dr O’Connor has achieved a very good reputation amongst dental implant manufacturers in Europe and overseas. These are the companies that actually manufacture the dental implants and not their agents who sell them to dentists. Dr O’Connor regularly provides before and after case studies to the manufacturers and in return Dr O’Connor is supplied dental implants directly from them which is a large saving on the dental implant cost. Also economies of scale come into effect, the more dental implants Dr O’Connor does the lower the dental implant cost to her.

Point 2 – Ceramic Crown

Dr. O’Connor has also created her own dental laboratory which is now well established. There will be very few, if any, dentists in Ireland who have their own dental lab producing the full range of dental devices from crowns to bridges to dentures. All the materials used in the laboratory are EXACTLY the same as you will find in any laboratory in Ireland. The laboratory is in Europe so it must follow all EU guidelines in terms of cleanliness, staffing and medical expertise as any laboratory in Ireland would. By having her own dental laboratory this is another large cost saving which is passed onto the patient.

When you combine Points 1 and 2 you can begin to see how Dr O’Connor can achieve the savings without sacrificing quality or standards. The key difference is Dr. O’Connor passes the savings along to her patients which are reflected in the dental implant price.

Dr. O’Connor felt it was now the time to open a dental clinic in Dublin delivering a dental implant price to patients who up till now have not been able to afford dental implants, didn’t want to travel overseas for dental implants or patients who thought dental implants were a luxury.