Payment Plan

Making dental implants even more affordable

affordable-dental-implantsThe feedback we are getting from our potential dental implant patients is how to pay for the procedure.

As a company we are dedicated to making this procedure affordable so we are creating a payment plan which is interest free – 0%

Also you might qualify for a 20% rebate using the Revenue Ireland Med Form 2 which will get you a tax rebate on the whole cost of the procedure.

The first payment will be 50% of the total work agreed between the patient and the clinic for the work to be completed.
The payment will be made prior to the commencement of any dental work.

After three (3) months when the patient will come in for their 90 checkup they will make a payment of 30% of the total.

The final payment will be 20% when the patient has the impressions taken for the porcelain crown/s that are to be placed.

  • Stage
  • 1 complete tooth rehabilitation package
  • Stage 1 payment
  • Stage 2 payment
  • Stage 3 payment
  • Total:
  • Tax Rebate Med Form 2*
  • Total Net
  • Price
  • €1249
  • €625
  • €375
  • €249
  • €1249
  • – €250
  • 999

*Your rebate is from Revenue Ireland and is subject to your personal conditions with them. This is not a rebate from the clinic it must be claimed after the completion of treatment.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by telephone or via the contact page!