The typical journey to Dental Implants Ireland is a patient who is fed up with dental problems that range from dentures to missing teeth to previous life problems that have affected the patients oral health.

The first enquiry is usually to their local dentist who prescribes an amount of work that is prohibitively expensive for the patient who then get’s depressed and decides to soldier on with their dental problems.

When talking to family or friends someone will usually mention that they know a ‘guy’ who went abroad and got all their dental work done for next too nothing and had a great holiday throw in for good measure.

The patient now begins to consult Dr. GOOGLE for options that they know will be fantastic for their needs and will save them money and have a holiday at the same time.

The search begins, typically the ‘guy’ went to Eastern Europe so that’s what the patient look for when they consult Google to see where their future dental care lies. The offers seem to good to be true, at least 50% cheaper than Ireland and the UK, exotic location, tours and such like.

Now the patient begins to ask for quotes from the clinics as they have such wonderful prices. The quotes start to come in and they look great but the patient now has to travel to these dentists for their consultation. The patient has noticed that at the bottom of ALL the quotes the prices and treatments are subject to the patient being suitable for treatment.

The quandary now begins, the patient must pay for a return flight to the location, on average €200.00 plus 2 nights at a hotel about €100.00. Now the patient is feeling a little more unsure of their decision so they go back to Google and start looking again.

This time round they are looking for affordable dental implants in Ireland as the travelling abroad now is an option but is it the only option? No it is not the only option.

Using Google the patient now comes across Dental Implants Ireland and realises that travelling abroad is not the only option available.  Now the patient can have a Free Consultation with no obligation to have treatment.

There is more, the patient is finding out from the website that a CT Scan is required to assess the bone to see if they can even have dental implants.

At Dental Implants Ireland it is one of the only clinics that offers a complete price, Dental Implant + Post + Crown for €1249.00. The clinics abroad promote the price of the dental implant for much less but don’t mention the cost of the post and the Crown in the online adverts so much.  When added together the clinics abroad usually had a total price of €900.00 – €1100.00.

So the journey for the patient ends at the door of Dr O’Connor’s clinic when they realise that travelling abroad for dental implants is usually more expensive than staying at home in Ireland with their own.