Some patients can have a dental implant + post + crown for as little €900.00!

“Going abroad is always cheaper for dental implants! This is not true when you contact us at Dental Implant Ireland.”

How can this be true?

The price is €1249.00.

implant-price-promisePay for the whole treatment at the beginning and we offer a 10% discount. This brings the price to €1125.00

Now with the use of the Med 2 Form patients who qualify for Tax Rebates can claim a further 20% back from the Revenue Service. This would gat a patient a further €225.00 back.

So the price would be as follows:

€1249.00 Full Price

€1125.00 when paying all up front

€900.00 when paying all up front and claiming back 20% with Med 2 Form.

So for as little as €900.00 in Dublin you can have a dental implant + post + crown.

Patients that want to use our Payment Plan can also benefit from the Med 2 Form tax rebates and this will bring the price down to €999.00

So travelling abroad for dental implants is just not cheaper!