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Dental Implant - Retained Dentures

What are denture-retention implants?

There also known as mini dental implants, which are very small titanium posts that are placed into the jaw. These posts act as stabilizers which in turn provide a much more secure attachment to your denture. This way of attaching the denture is more natural as the titanium implants act like the roots of your own teeth and are connected into the denture by the way of the retaining fixture which is built into your new denture. The top of the implant is circular in shape and it connects into the socket which is in your denture so when the denture is inserted it clicks over the circular topped implant which seats the denture securely into place.

Denture retention implants

How can they help denture wearers?

People who have dentures will often lack confidence in their denture staying securely in their mouth. Patients often complain of loose or floating dentures. With patients like this who are having these issues, we suggest denture secured implants which will enable the patient to be more confident when speaking and when eating foods they currently struggle with. These are ideal for the lower denture. With the denture secured by implants the denture will not be able to slide along the gum which will help the patients jaw retain bone.

How are the implants placed?

Ideally, the placing of four small denture implants are placed into the ridge of the upper or lower jaw. A minimum of two denture implants is needed for the denture to be secured but four is ideal. The procedure for placement of the is fairly straightforward, a Dental CT Scan is done prior to the placement so the dentist can see what the suitability and the availability of the bone is like for the proposed area of the denture implants. Result? The patient now has a secure fitting denture that enables the patients to be confident when speaking or eating. The time needed for the placement procedure is usually about one hour.

Can I use my existing denture?

It is very rare that we can modify your existing denture as the denture has to have implant sockets placed into it. The other factors we have to consider are your bone and gums.

What are the Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures?

Almost Zero movement

With traditional dentures which have no connection except to sit on your gums they are easily moved around the mouth with the tongue and lips. This can be very uncomfortable and can cause embarrassment while implant secured dentures are fixed in place and therefore far more secure in your mouth.

Denture retention implants

 Improving your appearance
It is true that no denture or implant will be a prefect match for your own natural teeth our dentist will strive to provide you with the best implant secured dentures which will give you the look, feel and functionality of your own teeth.

Tasting food again
As the secured implant denture does not cover the roof of your mouth you will be able to taste foods again which will increase your eating experience pleasure.

Are denture stabilization implants expensive?

As an alternative to having multiple implants to replace total arches that are missing teeth the denture secured implants are affordable. Where a traditional procedure might cost €5,000.00 to €8,000.00 the denture procedure can cost as little as €2900.00. At Dental Implants Ireland we strive to provide affordable dental procedures.

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