Bio Tech Dental Implants Supplier

biotechWhen choosing medical suppliers for this procedure it is important to make sure you choose leading medical suppliers like Biotech Dental. With over 25 years experience in manufacturing titanium replacements for missing teeth Biotech is an obvious choice to have as a medical partner.

The dental implants are designed, created and manufactured by BIOTECH Dental in France and then provided to the dental practitioners here in Europe. Currently not one dentist in Ireland has partnered with BIOTECH and Dr O’Connor will be bringing her partnership with them to Ireland.

Why did Dr O’Connor choose to bring BIOTECH to Ireland, the key reason is that the company provides materials of the highest quality and on par with any leading European brand which is currently on the market. Having worked with the company for several years and found that the failure rate of their products placed by herself as being less than 1% Dr O’Connor knows placing these Biotech materials with her patients it is going to produce the best results possible for the patients.

Some information about BIOTECH Dental:

  • 25 years of expertise
  • 100% French knowledge and manufacture
  • Manufacture in collaboration with practitioners
  • Tried and tested products and technologies
  • Over 60,000 implants sold each year
  • Guaranteed scientific expertise
  • Commercial presence in over 30 countries

When Dental Implants Ireland first started to appear in Google and other places some dentists in Ireland have said it is not possible to provide the quality at an affordable price as we are here at Dental Implants Ireland. This information about the dental implants is simply one way of proving to dentists in Ireland that cost effective dental implants are possible and still provide dental implants of the highest level of quality to the patients.